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I am a runner, pastor, sociologist, teacher, and missionary. After living in Chicago for 6 years, I discerned a call to go to Manila, Philippines to live and work among the urban poor, and combine my passions for ministry, running, and the oppressed. After serving in the Philippines in 2012 and 2013, I returned to the United States for two years to finish my dissertation, get ordained, spend time with my family, and work at a neighborhood center in Kansas City. Since then, I have been working in the Philippines with Companion With the Poor as a missionary. Each day I look forward to how God will direct my steps as I live into His work of restoring a broken world.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Missional Community

This summer, I am hoping to be apart of a new missional community on the west side of Chicago. As I said in my last post, I am done doing service in the city by myself. While I plan to stay connected to my church in the suburbs (which is actively involved in the city), as well as explore some congregations in the city, this is one way I hope to be connected to the Body of Christ while living in the city this summer and coming fall. The goal would be to begin gathering for Bible study and service in the summer and then move into a community living situation sometime in the late summer (having up to 10 people living on the same block in one or more apartments). As to what this gathering and living missional community could look like, I wrote down some goals I would hope the community could embrace:

- live sacrificially
- give sacrificially
- give permission to speak truth into one another’s life
- seek shalom of neighborhood b/w churches, ethnic groups, families, and across racial lines
- encourage one another to be kingdom people in our jobs
- spend time with the poor, oppressed, and homeless
- learn the needs of the community and find ways to help the community find ways to help the community care for those needs
- pray for one another
- be ready and willing to be hated and persecuted…and when it comes, praise God for it (be like Paul)
- strive to be shaped and formed like Christ
- learn how Jesus interacted with those around him
- help make the neighborhood more beautiful and friendly
- pray (prayer meetings in home for the neighborhood) – be lighthouse of prayer (connect with other lighthouses of prayer)
- encourage and celebrate community workers
- have celebrations for no reason at all
- have benevolence fund for neighbors in need
- do VBS in summer with local churches
- be a friend to immigrants
- be hospitable to visitors – have guest bedroom (go all out to make them feel welcomed and loved)
- collect shoes in summer and coats and boots in winter for homeless
- play sports with neighborhood kids and residents
- get to know police chief, doctors/hospital staff, etc.
- frequent local restaurants, shops, and convenient stores
- live simply; love a lot!
- bless, don’t curse
- give thanks

These are just a few ideas. I know there are many more, but just thinking about this gets me excited! May God add His blessing over this potential community and may all those involved be submissive to His purposes.

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Andrew Engelhardt said...

Hey Paul,

Your list of goals and hopes is encouraging! I especially appreciated the ones dealing with hospitality. We experienced incredible hospitality in Georgia, and need to bring that experience back somehow. Hope you are doing well, and look forward to seeing you soon.